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QDs Wellingborough Store Announces 1st Anniversary Competition Prize Winner


How many bags of sugar has QD's Wellingborough store sold in the past year? This was the question posed to shoppers as QD celebrated its 1st anniversary. The answer is almost one bag per head of the town's entire population.

The winning estimate came from Mrs Linda Freeman who put total sales of 1kg bags of Tate and Lyle sugar at 47,000, just a few thousand short of the actual figure - a staggering 62,805 bags.

Mrs Freeman, a regular customer of QD, described shopping in the Wellingborough store as "delightful". She added, "I always enjoy shopping in QD. It offers such good value. I'm surprised to have won, as I thought my estimate might be rather too high, but it seems that shoppers in and around Wellingborough must take an awful lot of sugar in their tea!"

Commenting on Mrs Freeman's success in her estimate of sugar sales, Chris Reeves, QD's Wellington store Manager, said: "to come within a few thousand bags of the actual figure was an amazing achievement on the part of our winner. Mrs Freeman is to be congratulated on her successful estimate and we all hope that she'll really enjoy her perfect prize for the remainder of this summer and many more to come."

Wellingborough was the third in a string of QD stores to open in 2009. The retail group, which also owns the Cherry Lane chain of garden centres, Lathams of Potter Heigham and the Buyright Superstore in Hadleigh, Suffolk, continues to go from strength to strength and has recently been listed among the top 75 retail businesses in the Eastern Daily Press Business Guide 2010.


Mrs Freeman is shown receiving her prize of a Milton patio set from QD's Store Manager, Chris Reeve, and is looking forward to relaxing and entertaining friends and family in her garden over the summer.


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