Office Based

Our head office and operations colleagues showcase exceptional dedication, consistently going above and beyond to support the core functions of our business. Their commitment to innovation, strategic planning, and collaborative efforts drives the success of our company, demonstrating a passion for excellence that is reflected in every aspect of our operations.


Holiday Time

We offer all colleagues 33 days of annual holiday entitlement! After five years of service, we will increase your holiday entitlement to 38 days (inclusive of bank holidays) a year!


Staff Discount*

Colleagues are entitled to our initial staff discount of 10%, which increases to 15% after year one, then to 20% after year two.

*Discount not available to temporary employees.



Colleagues working 15 hours or less (over two days) a week get half a day off. Those working 15 hours or more (over 3-5 days) get a full day off. This time can be taken on any day in your birthday month.


Pension Scheme

All eligible colleagues will be enrolled on the Nest workplace pension scheme.


Working in our offices

Working in our offices is a dynamic and multifaceted experience that demands a blend of strategic thinking and operational finesse. Professionals in these roles play a pivotal part in shaping the overall direction of the company, contributing to strategic planning, merchandising decisions, and marketing campaigns. The collaborative environment often involves close coordination with various departments, such as marketing, finance, and supply chain, to ensure a cohesive and effective business strategy.

Roles in our offices also require a keen understanding of market trends, consumer behaviour, and competition, allowing for informed decision-making to stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape. The fast-paced nature of the industry keeps individuals on their toes, offering constant challenges and opportunities for innovation. Overall, working our offices provides a unique and rewarding experience for professionals looking to make a significant impact on the success and growth of our retails brands.


Departments at our Head Office in Nottingham

Departments at our Operations Office in Norwich

If you are the right candidate for any of these roles, we'd love to here from you!