Acquired by the QD Group in 1989, our famous discount store is known far and wide across the country. Holiday makers and residents of the surrounding area all know, “You’ll always find something you didn’t know you needed”, when you visit Lathams of Potter Heigham!

In the early 1960’s Ken Latham oversaw the transformation of a waterlogged field in Potter Heigham to create a new and excited store with an “Aladdin’s Cave” concept. In 1963 the general store opened its doors and it stocked everything! Ken called the store a “Piscatorial Paradise”, as it was the largest fishing shop on the broads at the time, quickly becoming popular with anglers.

1989 saw the store acquired by Danny Rubins, seeing its popularity and potential as a “Harrods of the Broads”, offering amazing deals and discounts that visitors would go home and tell everyone about - “Where did you get that from?” , “How much was it? That’s amazing!”. With this in mind, much of what made Lathams so popular remains today and has been expanded. It now has a dedicated fishing store, the addition of a garden centre, bakery and cafe. The original concept of Lathams still remains at its heart, with visitors returning year on year and new customers are continually amazed at our range and fantastic value.


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Our store teams show a real passion for their work in bout our main store and specialist fishing store - from making eye-catching displays to ensuring our customers leave wanting to come back for more. If you share this passion we'd love to hear from you!
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